Getting Started

24/7 Gym Access Induction

Let’s get your 24/7 gym access induction underway, 

In order to access Goldfields Oasis Gym outside of regular staffed hours you need to be 18yrs or above and hold an active Gold Membership.

We need to make sure you totally understand how 24/7 access works, so you must first do a short online induction. If you would prefer to complete this induction in person with one of our gym staff please book an appointment through reception, we would be happy to walk you through the whole process.


To activate your 24/7 access please complete our easy four step process:

  1. Watch the induction video
  2. Read and agree to our terms and conditions and complete your details in the online form
  3. Your 24/7 access will be activated within 3 business days 
  4. Use your existing membership tag to access the gym outside of regular staffed hours


Terms and Conditions 24/7

Your physical condition

If you have any health conditions, when accessing our facilities during unstaffed hours, we require you to seek guidance and provide written authorisation from your general practitioner or an appropriate allied health professional that you are fit to use our facilities.

You promise that information you disclose to us will be true and accurate and not misleading in any way. You must not attend or use the facilities whilst you are suffering from any illness, disease, injury or other condition that could present a risk to the health or safety of other members or yourself.

I declare that I am in good physical condition and do not know of any reason that I may not be able to exercise safely.
Prior to using the facilities you are in good physical condition and you do not know of any reason why you may not be able to exercise safely. If you feel unsure, we ask that you do not use the facilities until we have completed your health and fitness profile.


You will be required to complete the online induction or book in for an induction with a gym instructor prior to your 24-hour access being activated.

I acknowledge that I have undertaken the induction in order to use the facilities, which included the following items:

How to access the facilities outside of staffed hours;

The location of the defibrillator, first aid kit, fire extinguishers, emergency exits and assembly area;

The location of the duress pendants and alarms;

Prohibited areas

Use of the MyWellness Cloud QR code for equipment and exercise guidance;
I am only allowed to use the facility during unstaffed hours if I am 18 years and over

Proper use of the equipment

Please make sure all equipment is wiped down and stored away correctly before you leave the centre and it is all used safely and correctly whilst in the centre at any time.

Rules of good behavior:

Put your weights and equipment away after use to appropriate storage locations

Be mindful of your surroundings

Bring a towel. Please use it on all equipment

Clean up after yourself

Selfies: try to be discreet about them

Personal space: respect it, everyone is entitled to train feeling comfortable and at ease

We can refuse you entry

We can refuse you entry to the facilities or cancel your membership immediately if you behave in a way that in our opinion is safety risk or inappropriate, such as threatening or harassing others, deliberately or recklessly damage equipment or facilities or if you use or distribute illegal or performance enhancing drugs.

You agree that we will refuse you entry to the facility if your membership fees are outstanding, or if your membership details affecting your payment agreement require updating.

You also agree that the Goldfields Oasis may from time to time close the gym overnight to address maintenance, deep cleaning, reformatting or for other necessities. The Goldfields Oasis will endeavour to provide adequate notice in this instance.

Your RFID access tag

In the instance that your membership RFID access tag is lost or stolen you must notify the centre immediately to arrange a replacement. A replacement RFID access tag is $5.

Duress pendant or alarm

You agree to:

Only activate the duress pendant or alarm in the event of an emergency, otherwise you will be liable for associated call out fees incurred by the security and emergency service providers. We recommend wearing the private alarm lanyards when you are by yourself in the health club.

Use of the facility and equipment

When using the facility outside of regular staffed hours, you:

Acknowledge that you enter and use the facilities at your own risk;

Register your attendance via the entry access to the facility;

Must bring a towel and adequate water for each workout and wear appropriate fully enclosed footwear at all times;

Must ensure there is a spotter when using heavy weights or doing free weight exercises;

Must not allow or enable another person/member to enter the facility without using their own RFID tag or penalties may apply in accordance with your membership terms and conditions.

Reporting obligations

If there is a health and/or safety concern about the equipment or any other concerns regarding the facilities outside of regular center hours, you must report your concerns.


I agree & acknowledge all of the above terms and conditions and will follow all steps to remain safe during my visit to the facility outside of regular staffed hours. I hereby release Goldfields Oasis and its staff from any claims, demands and causes of action as a result of my voluntary participation and use of the gym facilities; including aggravation of health condition.

I voluntarily assume the risk of injury, accident, death. loss. cost or damage to my person or property which might arise from my use of the gym and I agree to hold harmless and release the Goldfields Oasis and City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder from any and all liability. I also release all of those mentioned and any others acting on their behalf from any responsibility or liability for any injury or damage to myself in any way arising out of or connected with my participation in any activities or the use of any equipment at the gym during staffed or non-staffed hours.

I hereby declare that the given particulars are true and correct, and I will adhere to the Terms and Conditions included in this document. I acknowledge and agree that I have read, understood and agreed to all other terms and conditions provided on joining the Goldfields Oasis. Nothing in this document limits your other obligations including the obligation to comply with all our Terms and Conditions, direct debit agreement and membership agreement. I have read and understood the Terms and Conditions for centre access outside of regular opening hours.